Multitool is the most innovative, reliable and cost-effective grinding solution for home and industrial uses. It's patented design is the result of years of research by engineers who have specialized in belt grinding machinery.

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More Information
Country of Origin: USA This product is made In the United States of America!
Manufacturer: Generic
Condition: New
retail price: $129.00


  • ​​EFFICIENT - Superior performance and a user friendly belt change of under 5 seconds produce better quality with less downtime.
  • VERSATILITY - Grinding, sanding or polishing in 4 positions on rubber contact wheel, flat paten, disc or free strapping. Unit can be swiveled vertically or any position in between.
  • ACCURATE TRACKING - The running position of the belt is simple to adjust and it stays there, allowing for quality finishing.
  • QUALITY CONSTRUCTION - Robust, maintenance free, sealed ball bearings, harden & ground essential components, zinc plating.
  • 3 YEAR WARRANTY - Against faulty materials and workmanship, even when used commercially.


  • *Contains 1 Buffing Compound set
  • Talc Polishing Belt
  • Trizac Belts-1 Ea. 220 Grit, 400 Grit, 1200 Grit-2" x 36"
  • Abrasive Discs-1 Ea 40/80/150 Grit
  • Zirconia Belts-1 Ea. 40/80/120 Grit-2" x 36"


  • Set Quantity: 1


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