Reusable Arctic Ice Cooler Packs

 Arctic Ice Outdoor Cooler Packs

Arctic Ice features (4) different sizes for Alaskan Series, Tundra Series, and Chillin’ Brew Series.

Arctic Ice ice-substitute cooler packs are avaiable in a variety of sizes:

Small - .75 lbs - Dimensions: 4.25-inch x 6.25-inch x 1.25-inch.

Medium - 1.5 lbs - Dimensions: 6.75-inch x 7.75-inch x 1.25-inch.

Large - 2.5 lbs - Dimensions: 7.5-inch x 9.5-inch x 1.25-inch.

Extra Large - 5 lbs - Dimensions: 10.925-inch x 8.661-inch x 1.85-inch.

As an alternative to frozen ice, and generic ice packs each Artic Ice cooler pack is specially designed to keep beverages and perishables refrigerated all day or longer. Made with a non-toxic and environmentally friendly material the active ingredient derived from plants and not petroleum found commonly in other cooler packs on the market. The Alaskan Series cooler packs are designed at the molecular level to maintain its freezing point (33.8 F or 1 C), while the Arctic Ice Tundra Series has been designed at the molecular level -15 C (5 F) for keeping frozen foods and drinks colder for an extended period of time. For extended vacations or trips the cooler should be packed with multiple large or extra-large cooler packs and rarely opened.

 Arctic Ice Outdoor Cooler Packs