BE Surface Cleaner

Rapid method for cleaning hard surfaces including decks, driveways, concrete walk ways, and other flat surfaces.

For a professional quality flat surface cleaner use the BE Pressure BE-1600WAWY Whirl-a-Way. The Whirl-a-Way is made with a heavy duty polypropylene yellow cover and includes a durable nylon brush skirt. The easy to handle surface cleaner is designed for improved user control and reduced operator fatigue, meaning BE Pressure created it with the user in mind. The professional flat surface cleaner has a full 16-inch surface cleaning path and is rated to 1,000-4,000 PSI and flows 4 to 8 gallons-per-minute (GPM). For smaller cleaning project use the BE-1200WAW 12-inch Whirl-a-Way, and likewise with larger cleaning projects use the BE-2000WAWY 20-inch Whirl-a-Way.

With a simple set-up and assembly the BE Pressure flat surface cleaning system will easily connect to any high pressure hose or pressure washer with BE quick couplers. Each Whirl-A-Way is designed to operate with both hot and cold water and temperatures up to 180F degrees. Use the surface cleaner for removing dirt, residue, grime, mold, and dust. The hover action is ideal for cleaning aggregate, stamped concrete, decks, driveways, concrete walk ways, and other flat surfaces. BE pressure washer surface cleaner is designed to give you a safe and rapid method for cleaning hard surfaces, and will save you time in comparison to using a conventional gun and wand.

When using a BE Whirl-a-Way make sure to be safe by wearing eye protection, gloves, and work boots. The pressure washer surface cleaner is designed with a new high speed rotary head with new bearings for reduced friction and greater operating RPM. The surface cleaner rotary head requires no greasing or maintenance for the lifetime of the product. With less moving pressure washer parts the BE flat surface cleaner is made to last. The rotary head has a 6-month warranty and BE has a 90-day warranty against manufacturer defects.