"The Jungle Warrior by SOG"

Jungle Warrior Fixed Blade Knife by SOG    As a basic outdoorsman blade it makes a good moderate blade. It’s short enough not to be too cumbersome on your belt, but heavy enough to give power to your swing, and it’s forward balance makes your swing more efficient for your work. This blade is really best for the basic to intermediate wooded adventure. The grip is solid black rubber with stops on the ends and a textured body for a good grip. It’s a bit rough but isn’t likely to slip.

    The Jungle Warrior also comes with a sturdy nylon sheath, complete with a cargo pocket and blade guards. Always remember to look for sheaths with blade guards, especially if they are made of nylon, it will help protect you and the blade from the thinner fabrics that slice too easily. It also comes with a snapping strap to secure the heavy blade inside the sheath. While the strap is a bit tight to easily close, it is also firm enough to stop the blade for jostling too much.

Item: F14-NI

Manufacturer: SOG

Rating: 4-Stars

Would You Recommend It To A Friend? Likely

-Jessica, A Hardware Sales CSR