Tenryu Blade Tooth Geometry

A geometry chart for the Tenryu saw blades including ATB (Alternate Top Bevel) | FTG (Flat Top Grind) | ATAF (Alternate Top Alternate Face) | TCG (Triple Chip Grind) | ATAFR (Alternate Top Alternate Face w/ Raker) | MTCG (Modified Triple Chip Grind) | HATB (High, Alternate Top Bevel)

Tenryu Tooth Geometry

  • ATB (Alternate Top Bevel): Typical for cross-grain. Also used on ripping blades.
  • FTG (Flat Top Grind): Most effective cutting with the grain.
  • ATAF (Alternate Top Alternate Face): Extra sharp cutting tips reduce load on saw. Face beveling diverts cutting load left and right, instead or straight on. Creates a better shearing action - especially in cross-grain, natural wood.
  • TCG (Triple Chip Grind): Center of kerf is cut first, then flat-top raker cleans out chips and widens the cut. Commonly used for longer sharp-life in hard materials. Also good for ripping if RAKE is Positive
  • ATAFR (Alternate Top Alternate Face w/ Raker): Also known as ATBR. The FLAT-TOP RAKER Sits LOWER, adds stability during cut and helps clean out and eject chips
  • MTCG (Modified Triple Chip Grind): Commonly used for mild steel cutting.
  • HATB (High, Alternate Top Bevel): Steep, top bevel angle grind, combined with unaggressive rake angle for chip free cuts in melamine and the finest plywoods.
  • Rake Angle (Positive, agressive depicted)
  • Top Angle | Kerf |