Designed to carry the Leatherman Cam, Pump or Rail Multi-Tools at a vertical or horizontal angle the Leatheman molle black sheath is made of higher quality nylon and is designed with a snap closure and 3 pockets for smaller accessories.

More Information

More Information
Country of Origin CHINA
Manufacturer Leatherman
video N/A
Condition New
retail price $14.99
include 1 831821 Black Nylon Molle Sheath
include 2 N/A
include 3 N/A
include 4 N/A
include 5 N/A
include 6 N/A
include 7 N/A
include 8 N/A
include 9 N/A
include 10 N/A
include 11 N/A
include 12 N/A
include 13 N/A
include 14 N/A
include 15 N/A
include 16 N/A
include 17 N/A
include 18 N/A
include 19 N/A
include 20 N/A
feature 1 Designed to fit the Leatherman Cam, Pump, and Rail Multi-Tools
feature 2 Color: Black
feature 3 Molle Sheath
feature 4 High Quality Nylon
feature 5 Vertical or Horizontal Carry
feature 6 (3) Pockets for small accessories
feature 7 Snap Closure
feature 8 N/A
feature 9 N/A
feature 10 N/A
feature 11 N/A
feature 12 N/A
feature 13 N/A
feature 14 N/A
feature 15 N/A
specifications 1 Part Number: 831821
specifications 2 Condition: New
specifications 3 Color: Black
specifications 4 N/A
specifications 5 N/A
specifications 6 N/A
specifications 7 N/A
specifications 8 N/A
specifications 9 N/A
specifications 10 N/A
specifications 11 N/A
specifications 12 N/A
specifications 13 N/A
specifications 14 N/A
specifications 15 N/A
specifications 16 N/A
specifications 17 N/A
specifications 18 N/A
specifications 19 N/A
specifications 20 N/A
Size N/A
fed-ex economy europe base N/A
fed-ex priority au/nz/isreal add N/A
fed-ex priority au nz israel add N/A
fed-ex economy au nz isreal add N/A
fed-ex economy au/nz/isreal add N/A
fed-ex economy au/nz/isreal base N/A
fed-ex priority au/nz/isreal base N/A
product url N/A
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