The smoother and quiet cutting Makita carbide-tipped 10-inch miter saw blade is a crosscutting ultra coated miter blade designed for easily cutting construction lumber, and plastics on the job site. The premium ultra coated blade reduces the amount of pitch built-up over time of cutting wood. The saw blade can be used with a compound miter saw or a dual slide miter saw. The Makita blade has a 5/8-inch standard arbor, and has a ultra thin keft at .091-inches.

More Information

More Information
Country of Origin CHINA
Manufacturer Makita
Condition New
include 1 A-94758 Ultra Coated 40T 10-inch Premium Crosscutting Miter Saw Blade
include 2 No
include 3 No
include 4 No
include 5 No
include 6 No
include 7 No
include 8 No
include 9 No
include 10 No
include 11 No
include 12 No
include 13 No
include 14 No
include 15 No
include 16 No
include 17 No
include 18 No
include 19 No
include 20 No
feature 1 A Premium Makita Crosscutting 10-inch 40-teeth carbide-tipped miter saw blade
feature 2 Quiet Cutting of construction lumber and different types of plastics
feature 3 Fully Hardened Thin-Keft Carbide Miter Saw Blade
feature 4 Miter blades are fully hardened and carbide teeth are honed up to 600 grit mirror finish
feature 5 ATAF for ultra quick preicison cutting and each blade reduces the amount of pitch build-up
feature 6 Designed for compound miter saw and dual slide compound miter saws
feature 7 Smooter Cutting
feature 8 5/8-inch Arbor
feature 9 No
feature 10 No
feature 11 No
feature 12 No
feature 13 No
feature 14 No
feature 15 No
specifications 1 Part Number: A-94758
specifications 2 Item Quantity: 1
specifications 3 Condition: New
specifications 4 Size: 10-inches
specifications 5 Teeth: 40
specifications 6 Arbor Size: 5/8-inch
specifications 7 Applications: Construction Lumber, Plastics
specifications 8 Hook Angle: 5 Degrees
specifications 9 Ultra-Thin Kerf: .091-inch
specifications 10 Plate Thickness: .071-inch
specifications 11 Saw Type: Miter Saw, Dual Slide Compound Miter Saw
specifications 12 Max Safe RPM Speed: 5870 RPM
specifications 13 No
specifications 14 No
specifications 15 No
specifications 16 No
specifications 17 No
specifications 18 No
specifications 19 No
specifications 20 No
Size No
retail price $64.99


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