Use the Malco Products FCC4 for cutting up to 5/16-inch fiber cement without the fear of distortion or compression. The FCC4 is built on a steel frame and cut square cuts in 8-1/4-inch and has a innovative smooth cutting operation. The fiber cement siding has a guillotine shear for making straight square cuts perfectly when needed.

More Information

More Information
Country of Origin USA This product is made In the USA!
Manufacturer Malco
Condition New
feature 1 Ideal for straight square cuts
feature 2 No distortion or compression
feature 3 Square cuts in 8-1/4-inch
feature 4 Steel frame
feature 5 High leverage design
include 1 FCC4 Guillotine Shear Fiber Cement Siding, Straight Cut
specifications 1 Part Number: FCC4
specifications 2 Item Quantity: 1
specifications 3 Condition: New
specifications 4 Fiber Cement Siding: 5/16-inch (8 mm) x 8-1/4-inch (210 mm) wide.
retail price $279.99


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