Kerf's Wood Cream is a soft paste wax made from food and therapeutic grade ingredients. Specially formulated for oil finished and unfinished wood, the product contains no solvents and is safe around people and pets. Easy to apply and is great for wooden cutting boards, butcher blocks, counters, bowls, indoor and outdoor furniture, and children's items. Treat knives and gardening tools to inhibit rusting. A favorite for woodturning. Kerf's Wood Cream has an indefinite shelf life and can be used interchangeably with Kerf's Lavender Wood Lotion. Handmade in the Pacific Northwest, USA and sold since 1996. Product/Part Number 0011KWC.

More Information

More Information
Country of Origin USA This product is made In the United States of America!
Manufacturer Kerf
Condition New
feature 1 SPECIALLY FORMULATED - A a soft paste wax for oil finished and unfinished wood. It is made of food and therapeutic grade ingredients contain no solvents and are safe around people and pets.
feature 2 NATURAL AND UNREFINED - Our cream is formulated with Pacific Northwest beeswax along with other plant waxes and high-quality aromatherapy essential oils. This food grade white mineral oil base provides a cheering, light, buttery orange aroma.
feature 3 EFFECTIVE AND SIMPLE - It is easy to apply and is great for indoor and outdoor furniture, wooden counters/doors/trim, children's items, butcher blocks, cutting boards, and bowls. It can also treat knives and gardening tools which prevent rusting.
feature 4 A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY - Kerf's has an indefinite shelf life and will never harden, turn rancid or become sticky.
feature 5 MADE IN THE USA - Handmade in the Pacific Northwest and sold since 1996. It is a perfect product to have on hand for enhancing and keeping your wood beautiful.
include 1 (1) 8-Oz Bottle
specifications 1 Quantity: 1
retail price $29.95


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