The long handle Estwing E19SM is a milled face specialized framing claw hammer. The Estwing hammer has been made for all types of quick framing applications and can speed up the time it takes to nail. Time is money in the construction business and to get up a wood framework on a house or business can mean a lot for small contractor companies. Traditionally framing hammers weigh up to 28 ounces or more, but the 19 ounce 16-inch forged milled face hammer can deal a serious punch to nails into wood and will not be as tiring on wrists or ams as the bigger heavier hammers. The E19SM features a cushioned leather grip for better comfort while working and has a side nail puller, magnetic nail starter and has been proudly made in the USA.

More Information

More Information
Country of Origin USA This product is made In the USA!
Manufacturer Estwing Mfg Co
Condition New
feature 1 This product has been designed and made in the USA
feature 2 Forged in one-piece
feature 3 Magnetic Nail Starter
feature 4 Side Nail Puller
feature 5 Leather Grip
include 1 E19SM 19 Oz Ultra Forged Framing Milled Face Hammer with Leather Grip
specifications 1 Part Number: E19SM
specifications 2 Item Quantity: 1
specifications 3 Condition: New
specifications 4 Ounces: 19
specifications 5 Grip: Leather
retail price $49.99


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