The Shop Fox W1720 Aluma-Classic Fence features an extruded aluminum and steel construction, utilizing a sturdy Tshape design that fits most table saws easily. The Model W1720 features a single cam locking lever, magnified cursor lens and standard 57-inch rails. The Model W1720 is exactly the same as the Model W1716 except it features 79-inch extruded aluminum rails for wide panel cutting up to 50-inch right of the blade. Included with (1) Alumna-Classic Fence, 79-inch Fence Rails, Rail End Caps, Phillips Head Tap Screw #8 x 3/8-inch, Legs, 50-inch Scale, and W1720 Hardware Bag. The hardware bag includes (8) 1/4-inch Flat Washer, (8) M6-1 x 30 T-Bolt, (8) M6-1 Hex Nut, (10) 5/16-inch Flat Washer, (10) 5/16-inch - 18 x 3/4-inch T-Bolt, (10) 5/16-inch - 18 Hex Nut.

More Information

More Information
Country of Origin: CHINA
Manufacturer: Shop Fox
Condition: New
retail price: $399.00


  • 79-inch extruded aluminum rails for wide panel cutting up to 50-inches right of the blade.
  • Trouble-free service
  • Fits most table saws easily
  • Aluma-Classic Fence made of steel construction
  • Utilizes a sturdy T-Shape design


  • Alumna-Classic Fence
  • 79-inch Fence Rails
  • Rail End Caps
  • Phillips Head Tap Screw #8 x 3/8-inch
  • Legs
  • 50-inch Scale
  • W1720 Hardware Bag


  • Part Number: W1720
  • Condition: New


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