The best choice for miter and slide miter saws when one blade is needed for ripping and crosscutting. Each set of 5 teeth is separated by a large gullet. This large gullet provides the chip removal space required while ripping and the close grouping of teeth within the set provide the smaller bite size required when crosscutting.

More Information

More Information
Country of Origin ITALY
Manufacturer Freud
Condition New
include 1 D1260X Diablo 12-inch 60T Combination Saw Blade with 1-inch Arbor
include 2 No
include 3 No
include 4 No
include 5 No
include 6 No
include 7 No
include 8 No
include 9 No
include 10 No
include 11 No
include 12 No
include 13 No
include 14 No
include 15 No
include 16 No
include 17 No
include 18 No
include 19 No
include 20 No
feature 1 Ultra-Long Cutting Life
feature 2 Smooth and Effortless Cuts
feature 3 Superior Quality Finish
feature 4 TiCo Hi-Density Carbide
feature 5 Non Stick Perma Shield Coating
feature 6 Ideal for ripping and crosscutting wood & wood composites with the goal of a smooth finish.
feature 7 Stabilizer vents for reduced vibration
feature 8 Lifetime Guarantee
feature 9 Laser Cut Thin Kerf Design
feature 10 No
feature 11 No
feature 12 No
feature 13 No
feature 14 No
feature 15 No
specifications 1 Part Number: D1260X
specifications 2 Item Quantity: 1
specifications 3 Condition: New
specifications 4 Diameter: 12-inches
specifications 5 Machine Use: Miter/Slide Miter Saw
specifications 6 Application: Combination
specifications 7 Teeth: 60
specifications 8 Arbor: 1-inch
specifications 9 Kerf: .118-inch
specifications 10 Hook Angle: 15 Degrees
specifications 11 No
specifications 12 No
specifications 13 No
specifications 14 No
specifications 15 No
specifications 16 No
specifications 17 No
specifications 18 No
specifications 19 No
specifications 20 No
Size No
retail price $59.99


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