The 1271A is a 1/4-inch steel arch punch that is for punching leather, rubber, gasket, and soft metal. It is made heat treated forged steel by General Tools.

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More Information
Country of Origin INDIA
Manufacturer General
video No
Condition New
retail price $19.99
include 2 No
include 3 No
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include 5 No
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feature 1 Used for creating accurate holes in leather, rubber, gasket material and soft sheet metal.
feature 2 Industrial quality.
feature 3 Made of hand-forged steel.
feature 4 Inside taper for clearance.
feature 5 Long-lasting cutting edges.
feature 6 Also available in seven piece set (#1271ST) with plastic roll pouch.
feature 7 No
feature 8 No
feature 9 No
feature 10 No
feature 11 No
feature 12 No
feature 13 No
feature 14 No
feature 15 No
specifications 1 Count: 1
specifications 2 Size: 1/4"
specifications 3 No
specifications 4 No
specifications 5 No
specifications 6 No
specifications 7 No
specifications 8 No
specifications 9 No
specifications 10 No
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specifications 20 No
Size No
fed-ex economy europe base No
fed-ex priority au/nz/isreal add No
fed-ex priority au nz israel add No
fed-ex economy au nz isreal add No
fed-ex economy au/nz/isreal add No
fed-ex economy au/nz/isreal base No
fed-ex priority au/nz/isreal base No
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