FastCap iPole Products and Accessories

iPole Products by FastCap

FastCap iPoles and iPole accessories are great iPhone and other smartphone video and photo acquisition tools for people on the go.

Expand your film production tools with the Fastcap iPole and ipole mini camera mounts and accessories. The FastCap IPole line of products allows the film maker to become both the cast and crew in their own video creating panoramic shots with the cinematographer in the frame. The camera person has access to the set of tools specifically made to allow for a mobile studio with the use of their own camera or Smartphone. Using the FastCap IPole and Ipole mini the film maker can take shots from extended ranges with the telescoping treckking poles which attach to thread mounted cameras.

With three weight options, the trekking iPoles offers a pole for the light user to the full time adventurer and an IStealth IPole option specially made for dark-lit situations when the gear can’t reflect light into the work. Expand the applications with the Supermount, a conversion tool allowing a Smart phone to be used with the IPole where a thread mount is not feasible; Center the film on your bike trip with a camera handlebar bike mount known as the IBikeMount, a great addition for the adventuresome film maker; Or make your IPole mini into a fixed mount with the iAdjustablemount, a tool which will clamp down onto the IPole mini and allows it to be screwed down to a flat surface, such as a wall or vehicle.

For those who know what they want, alter the IPole tools to suit your preferred attachment and adjustment technique with the IGooseneck and IBallMount adapters, each giving the artist the adjustable positioning necessary for finding the perfect camera angles. For a new mobile studio, simple additions can be found in the IClamp and IClip which allow cameras and lights to be placed around the work area as needed. For travel friendly film lighting use the ILight to cast filtered LED camera lights for IPoles and attachments.

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