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Get the Best Performance and Better Price With Knipex Tool Sets

Knipex Tool Sets

The Knipex best-selling hand tools are combined into plier tool sets for discounted prices and better accessibility for all plumbing, electrical and general maintenance applications.

Dealing with different sizes of water pipes? The Knipex Alligator water pump pliers tool kit accommodate plumbers for a range of different pipe diameters. Knipex features an array of high quality pliers, tool kits, and screwdriver kits. The most popular bestseller Knipex Plier set, Knipex Cobra Plier Set, Knipex Alligator Plier Set, Knipex Power Plier Set, and Knipex Assembly Plier Set. Each plier set includes non-slip plastic handle coating. Need more variety of hand tools? Knipex offers dependable electrical tool kits with hardened tool boxes, plier sets in pouches, circlip plier Sets, or pliers in a neat compact box perfect for the entry level DIY electricians, electrical contractors, Engineers or master woodworkers.

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