The VOLT series is the first electric hoist to feature Full-Range Speed Control. This technology brings true variable speed functionality to the hoist, which for the first time lets the operator control the speed of the hoist throughout the entire lift. For quicker speeds on longer lifts, or for slower, more precise speeds on more controlled lifts, the VOLT not only handles any job, but handles it with control and precision you won

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More Information
Country of Origin CHINA
Manufacturer JET
Condition New
include 1 (1) JET Volt 2T Elec Hst 3Ph 460V 10' Lift
include 2 No
include 3 No
include 4 No
include 5 No
include 6 No
include 7 No
include 8 No
include 9 No
include 10 No
include 11 No
include 12 No
include 13 No
include 14 No
include 15 No
include 16 No
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include 18 No
include 19 No
include 20 No
feature 1 CONTROL
feature 2 Full-Range Speed Control - patented technology allows for smooth, seamless, continuous speed changes allowing for complete control throughout the lift
feature 3 True variable-speed control allows you to lift and lower faster when you need the speed, but be able to slow down the speed when you need the control
feature 4 PRECISION
feature 5 With Full-Range Speed Control, the VOLT
feature 6 Soft starts and stops also increase the life of gear train components, load chain, hooks and brake components
feature 8 H4 Duty Rating means the VOLT is engineered for demanding, industrial environments and the toughest applications
feature 9 Overload Protection - Standard across the VOLT line, Overload Protection prevents the operator from being able to lift more than the rated capacity of the hoist, protecting both the user and the equipment
feature 10 Thermal Overload Protection - Protects the motor from overheating in low voltage situations, protecting your investment
feature 11 Electromagnetic Brake - The heavy-duty, electromagnetic brake is designed for durability and longer life. This brake design is an industry-proven safety feature that secures the load even if power is interrupted to the hoist.
feature 12 Grade 80 Load Chain - Grade 80 black oxide coated load chain for durability
feature 13 Control Pendant - 24 volt, 2-button push-button controller included
feature 14 Chain Bag - Heavy-duty nylon chain bag with reinforcing metal brackets included
feature 15 STANDARDS
specifications 1 Motor Phase: 3
specifications 2 Motor Voltage (V.): 460
specifications 3 Headroom (In.): 23-3/4
specifications 4 Lift (Ft.): 10
specifications 5 Load Capacity (Tons): 2
specifications 6 Lifting Speed (FPM): 0 - 24
specifications 7 Number of Falls: 1
specifications 8 Motor Power (HP): 4
specifications 9 Load Chain Dimensions (Mm.): 11.2 x 34
specifications 10 Duty Cycle (%): 50
specifications 11 Duty Cycle Rating: H4
specifications 12 No
specifications 13 No
specifications 14 No
specifications 15 No
specifications 16 No
specifications 17 No
specifications 18 No
specifications 19 No
specifications 20 No
Size No
retail price $6,440.00


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