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Fein AFMM14 MultiMaster with Fein ASB 14 Drill/Driver

Tuesday, October 6, 2015 11:25:52 AM America/Los_Angeles


Cordless Universal System with Large Battery Capacity

With an electronic speed control, tool-free accessory change, and made exclusively in Germany the Fein MultiMaster AFMM 14 14.4-Volt Oscillating Multi-Tool is a cordless universal system for both interior and exterior construction applications. The high torque motor provides the user with higher performance, large battery capacity, softgrip zone provides improved user comfort or control. The wide selection of accessories by Fein will allow the user for all types of renovation applications including sawing, rasping, grout removal, scraping, grinding, polishing, cutting, and other general saw accessories. The cordless multi-tool is designed to be lightweight at only 3.7 lbs, created with a QuickIN chuck, and up to 11,000-18,000 RPM.

Made in Germany the Fein ASB 14 Cordless 2-Speed Hammer Drill/Driver can be used for drilling, screwdriving, and driving applications on the jobsite. Ideal for drilling materials including wood up to ½-inch, steel up to ½-inch, stone up to ½-inch, and lightweight at only 4.6lbs. The 4-Pole DC Motor with overload protection, lithium-ion battery pack with FEIN SafetyCell Technlogy, 2-speed solid metal gearbox with solid metal quick drill chuck allow the cordless power tool to be used in high demanding applications and the compact design allows the user to fit into tight compact spaces found on the jobsite or construction site. The ASB 14 has the ability for 600 screw connections with one charge, and drives 8 x 200 mm screws without pre-drilling, and a selectable hammer action.

Each power tool includes a detailed instruction manual and a 3 year FEIN PLUS guarantee.

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Milwaukee Step Drill Bits with Dual-Flute Design

Thursday, September 17, 2015 7:16:45 AM America/Los_Angeles

Step Drill Bits

Dual-Flute Design and optimized with black oxide coating for producing less heat..

Designed with a black oxide coating, dual-flute cutter geometry, and up to 4x longer bit life the Milwaukee 48-89-9224 6-Piece Black Oxide Step Drill Bits with JAM-FREE Performance are Ideal for drilling small and large-diameter holes in steel and plastic. Each black oxide step drill bit is exclusively optimized for all types of cordless or corded drills in high speed. The Rapid Strike tip allows for improved accuracy, less heat, which results in a longer bit tip life. The black oxide coating enhances bit durability and hole quality.

Included with (1) Milwaukee 48-89-9201 #1 Step Drill Bit, 1/8" - 1/2" by 1/32", (1) Milwaukee 48-89-9204 #4 Step Drill Bit, 3/16" - 7/8" by 1/16", (1) Milwaukee 48-89-9206 #6 Step Drill Bit, 3/8" & 1/2" by 1/16", (1) Milwaukee 48-89-9207 #7 Step Drill Bit, 7/8" Single Hole, (1) Milwaukee 48-89-9208 #8 Step Drill Bit, 1/2" - 1" by 1/16", (1) Milwaukee 48-89-9209 #9 Step Drill Bit, 7/8" & 1-1/8", and Carrying Case.

Made for plastic and metal drilling the made in the USA Milwaukee black oxide step drill bits are laser-engraved with reference marks and the 3-flat patented Secure-Grip shank provides the user with a solid and safe connection with the drill chuck. The step drill bits are designed for electricians, plumbers, and contractors.

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Kenwood 210.00 Reabte on Select ProTalk Radios Fall 2015

Tuesday, September 1, 2015 11:59:00 AM America/Los_Angeles

Save up to $30.00 with the ProTalk Series Rebate until December 31st, 2015.

Kenwood 2015

Receive a mail-in rebate of up to $20-$35 rebate per radio with purchase of six (6) radios of sixty (60) radios. For a limited time Kenwood is offering a free KMB-27, 28 or 44K Multi-Charger for every (6) qualifying radios purchased.

Click here for more information
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Arctic Ice Cooler Packs with Alaskan, Tundra, and Chillin Brew Series

Tuesday, June 23, 2015 10:32:50 AM America/Los_Angeles

Reusable Arctic Ice Cooler Packs

 Arctic Ice Outdoor Cooler Packs

Arctic Ice features (4) different sizes for Alaskan Series, Tundra Series, and Chillin’ Brew Series.

Arctic Ice ice-substitute cooler packs are avaiable in a variety of sizes:

Small - .75 lbs - Dimensions: 4.25-inch x 6.25-inch x 1.25-inch.

Medium - 1.5 lbs - Dimensions: 6.75-inch x 7.75-inch x 1.25-inch.

Large - 2.5 lbs - Dimensions: 7.5-inch x 9.5-inch x 1.25-inch.

Extra Large - 5 lbs - Dimensions: 10.925-inch x 8.661-inch x 1.85-inch.

As an alternative to frozen ice, and generic ice packs each Artic Ice cooler pack is specially designed to keep beverages and perishables refrigerated all day or longer. Made with a non-toxic and environmentally friendly material the active ingredient derived from plants and not petroleum found commonly in other cooler packs on the market. The Alaskan Series cooler packs are designed at the molecular level to maintain its freezing point (33.8 F or 1 C), while the Arctic Ice Tundra Series has been designed at the molecular level -15 C (5 F) for keeping frozen foods and drinks colder for an extended period of time. For extended vacations or trips the cooler should be packed with multiple large or extra-large cooler packs and rarely opened.

 Arctic Ice Outdoor Cooler Packs

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SOG $5 back purchase over $39.97 with Limited Edition Patch

Tuesday, June 2, 2015 1:30:03 PM America/Los_Angeles

SOG Dads and Grads 2015 Promotion

SOG Knives Promotion

Receive a SOG Limited Edition Patch (#1 of 3) and $5.00 back with any SOG purchase of $39.97 between 05/15/2015 and 7/10/2015. This patch is one of three patches in a collectible set. Remaining patches will be offered in future SOG rebates throughout 2015.

Click here for SOG $5 Mail-in Rebate Promotion Form

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Crystal Blue Pond Dye Proudly Made in the USA

Tuesday, April 28, 2015 10:58:33 AM America/Los_Angeles

Insect Trap

Maintain a True Blue Color and Clarity for up to 30 days with Non-Toxic Chemicals.

Beware of dangerous pond chemicals and use the proudly made in the USA Crystal Blue Pond Dye by Sanco Industries. Crystal Blue Pond Dye is formulated with a proprietary formula for enhancing a private lake or pond with a beautiful royal blue color. The Crystal Blue royal blue garden pond dye will maintain a true blue color and clarity for up to 30 days and will help settle out dissolved solids most commonly found in mucky ponds. Each gallon has the ability to treat up to 1 surface acre (4 to 6 feet deep) and is made 100-percent safe for humans, fish, livestock, pets, birds, swimming, and irrigation. Each 1 gallon (3.78 liters) bottle of Crystal Blue can be used to spot treat algae along a shoreline once per month. Can be used in Early Spring, Late Spring, Summer, Early or Late Fall.

The easy to use garden pond Crystal Blue pond dye can be poured from the container along a pond shoreline or form a slow moving boat and can be applied at a water inlet or by spot treatment across the surface of the pond. Designed to slowly disperse and mix throughout the entire body of water over a 24-hour period and will not disturb a pond chemistry.

Most commonly found pond chemicals can be dangerous for fish, plants, and an entire pond ecosystem. With the proprietary formula the Crystal Blue Pond Dye will not stain or harm water fowl, fish, or livestock once diluted and is completely safe for all animals and vegetation. Not designed for use in swimming pools and is not compatible with chlorine treated water, bleach or purifying chemicals. Do not use the Crystal Blue Pond Dye in rivers, streams, and other bodies of water.For best results use the 1 gallon of crystal blue per acre of water with an average of 4 to 6 feet deep and will treat up to 1,500,000 gallons of water. Keep out of the reach of children.

Every outdoor garden pond is different but for early spring/late spring, summer, early/late fall Sanco Industries recommends to use their pond chemicals safe for fish 5-step annual pond care program for private ponds and lakes which includes Crystal Blue Pond Dye, Natural Pond Cleaner Beneficial Bacteria, Crystal Plex Algae Control, Tsunami DQ Submerged Weed Control, and Catt Plex Emerged Weed Control.

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Dynatrap DT1000 1/2 Acre Pesticide-Free Insect Trap

Tuesday, April 14, 2015 7:58:48 AM America/Los_Angeles

Insect Trap

The Original Insect Trap Provides Homeowners a Pesticide and Odor-Free Indoor/Outdoor Protection.

With a 1 year limited warranty and Included with Hanging Chain, Cleaning Brush, Screwdriver, and Owner’s Manual the DynaTrap DT1000 Half Acre Original Insect Trap catches mosquitos, biting flies, Asian beetles, wasps, hornets, yellow jackets, moths, stink bugs, and other flying insects indoor or outdoor living spaces.

Made with photocatalyst technology and a special UV light the DynaTrap DT1000 is designed to help reduce the population of mosquitoes and other annoying flying insects. This powerful 110-volt/220-volt with 12-volt adapter is lightweight at 2.38 lbs and is built-with a 10-foot cord. The Dynatrap insect trap is engineered for 3-way protection with a UV fluorescent bulb for generating a warm light for attracting insects to the Dynatrap exclusive Ti02 titanium dioxide-coated surface. The Ti02 titanium dioxide-coated surface produces CO2 and the built-in whisper-quiet vacuum fan sucks insects into the retaining cage where they dehydrate and die.

With no pesticides, up to 1/2 acre coverage, silent operation, 24 hours 7 days a week, and durable all-weather construction. Exclusive TiO2 coasted surface produces CO2 irresistable to mosquitos. At 9.5-inches x 13-inches the lightweight insect trap can be placed on an outdoor patio, deck, or anywhere in the backyard. No zapping or buzzing or expensive propane attachments. Each Insect Trap is made with a damper trap in the retaining cage so insects do not have the ability to escape when the trap is turned off for cleaning

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Bosch DSB5006 6-Piece Spade Drill Bit Set for Professionals

Monday, April 13, 2015 10:10:38 AM America/Los_Angeles

Bosch Spade Bit Set

Spade Drill Bit Set for professionals seeking improved speed, durability, and hole quality.

For reducing drill bit slippage during heavy duty drilling applications the Bosch DSB5006 6-Piece Spade Drill Bit set features a hex shank power groove with spur and reamer trips for improved hole quality and reduces breakout. The full-cone threaded tip allows the user to quickly and effortless drill cylindrical holes into many different materials including wood, and other wood materials. For a wide variety of diameters the Bosch DSB5006 6-Piece Spade Drill Bit comes included with 1-inch, 7/8-inch, ¾-inch, 5/8-inch, ½-inch, and 3/8-inch diameter spade drill bits.

Each Daredevil Impact Tough spade bit is designed for improving speed, durability, and longer bit life. Each bit has been tested for up to 10x faster speeds for boring projects than conventional wood spade bits in the home improvement market. Designed to be used with cordless lithium-ion power drivers and electric handheld hand power drills the contoured paddle bits will provide the user with increased durability and faster chip removal. For best results use Bosch HDS181-03 Hammer Drill/Driver, DDS181-02 ½-inch Drill Driver, Bosch HDS180-03 ½-inch Hammer Drill/Driver, Bosch DDS181-02L 1/8-inch Variable Speed Drill/Driver with L-BOXX-2, and Bosch CLPK232-181 2-Tool Combo Kit.

Easily drill precise and large diameter holes on job sites or construction sites with less vibration. Each drill bit is ideal for electricians, plumbers, tradesman, and do-it yourselfers. Included with a limited lifetime warranty against defects each bit is designed for easily allowing the user to quickly change out bits with ease and is made with a ½-inch Hex power groove shank.

Buy Now Bosch DSB5006 DareDevil Professional Impact Tough 6-Piece Spade Bit Set

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Karcher G 2600 XH Expert Series Pressure Washer in Stock Now!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015 2:03:36 PM America/Los_Angeles

Karcher Pressure Washer

Ideal for all Industrial, Residential, and Commercial Cleaning Applications.

With an oversized removable detergent tank the Karcher G2600XH is a powerful gas powered machine which is specially created for both industrial and commercial pressure washing cleaning applications. For quickly cleaning wooden decks, backyard patios, asphalt driveways, home vinyl siding, and storage sheds the G 2600 XH is equipped with 5 patented Pro-Style pressure washer accessory nozzles.

With an ergonomic frame, 10-inch tires, metal wheels, and an easy to start Honda GC190 190cc power equipment engine the Karcher G 2600 XH portable gas pressure washer has an operating pressure of 2,600 PSI and a maximum water volume of 2.5 GPM. At only 64 lbs the lightweight and compact is manufactured in a protective cage and the pressure washer machine has dimensions of 29.5-inches Length x 23.6-inches Width x 41.5-inches Height.

With a 2 year limited warranty on the Karcher pressure washer and a 2 year Limited warranty on the Honda 190cc engine the outdoor pressure washer is designed with a maximum water-inlet temperature of 104 degrees F and comes included with a 25-foot high pressure hose with quick-connect couplings, commercial-grade zinc plated spray wand with quick-connect adapter, commercial-grade trigger gun with child lock, (5) pro-style quick-connect nozzles, large detergent tank, integrated hose, trigger-gun, and spray-wand holder. The simple push and click system allows for quick user assembly and works for all pressure water accessory hose connections.

The CARB compliant 2600 PSI pressure washer can be safely moved from application to application the pressure washer features a folding handle for lifting and as well for transporting. For more durability the pressure washer includes tie down slots for securing during transportation and a secure netted storage area.

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Moldex Hearing and Respiratory Protection Made in the USA

Monday, January 12, 2015 10:31:49 AM America/Los_Angeles

Moldex Hearing Protection

High Quality and Comfortable Workplace Moldex Safety Protection

With a majority of the products made exclusively in the USA Moldex is a company that has provided contractors, business owners, and construction workers with high quality, comfortable hearing protection, and other safety equipment including disposable and reusable respirators, twist-in earplugs, disposable and reusable foam ear plugs, earmuffs, and PlugStation osha ear plugs.

With safety ear plugs available in corded or uncorded Moldex manufacturers both disposable and reusable ear plug styles and will directly help with reducing construction worker hearing loss with Moldex high quality hearing protection. Each ready-fit ear plug is designed with maximum comfort and each soft foam custom earplug will fit with ease in the ear canal and will fit without pressure for providing protection against loud noises found on all construction and jobsites.

For greater protection against harmful dusts, chemicals, and debris the made in the USA Moldex disposable and reusable respirators are designed with compliance with the OSHA respirator protection standard. With many different variations available Moldex manufacturers Dura-Mesh Respirators, NIOSH vapor respirators, particulate respirators, paint respirators, organic vapor, and fullface mask air respirators for protection against gases, vapors, and dangerous dusts found in warehouses, plants, factories, construction sites, and other hazard locations.

For extended hearing protection in a working environment use any of the Moldex hearing ear muffs, shooting hearing protection, and custom hearing protection for woodworkers, metalworkers, construction workers, and do-it yourselfers. Moldex has a variety of PVC-Free premium protection earmuffs with up to 29 dB noise reduction rating (NRR 29) OSHA hearing protection. With different safety ear muff styles including camouflage M2 Special ops, Camo M1 special Ops, SoftCoat PVC-Free, and noise reduction earmuffs. Each high performance ear muff is designed to be comfortable, soft, PVC-Free and compact to fit into a backpack or tool bag.

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