"When The Asparagus Ball Jar's Height Matters (Review)"

Asparagus Ball Jars Height Is Perfect

Pros: At first I was intrigued by the unique size of this jar. It is conveniently sized in between a pint and a quart, which makes it absolutely perfect for longer pickled vegetables. If you are looking for a good fit for asparagus, Ball jar's height is perfect. We have found the wide mouth jars are better for solid items like dill pickles, beets, sauerkraut and things of that sort. These are still made in the USA and are comparably priced with Chinese knock-offs.

Cons: Probably too large for jams and jellies, unless you go through a lot of jam. If you already have pint and quart jars, these may make it more difficult to distinguish them as it is an in between size.

I would recommend this jar for pickled and canned fruits and vegetables.

Item: 65500 Wide Mouth Glass Canning Jars with Lids by Ball

Manufacturer: Ball

Rating: 4-Stars

Would You Recommend It To A Friend? Likely

-Jacob, A Hardware Sales CSR