"Backpack Garden Sprayer By Tahoe (Review)"

Backpack Garden Sprayer By Tahoe

This inexpensive Tahoe backpack garden sprayer is the best backpack garden sprayer in my shop for spraying Roundup weed killer on my weeds, Wet and Forget on my outdoor mildew stains, and copper sulfate on my fruit trees. I wouldn't do that with other backpack garden sprayers but since this one is so cheap to purchase, I own 3 of them! There is no way I would spray my weeds then hope that I got it all cleaned out enough to turn around and spray my trees so it is nice to have several of them around for all of the things that I use them for.

I have owned my 3 backpack garden sprayers for 2 seasons now and haven't had any problems with them. My only complaint is that the straps aren't very comfortable but the more expensive backpack garden sprayer brands are not a whole lot better. This backpack garden sprayer by Tahoe is very high on my list of recommended items to own!


Item: 50200202 Tahoe Backpack Garden/Lawn/Weed/Pest Sprayer 4 Gal Gallon

Manufacturer: Tahoe Tool Company

Rating: 5-Stars

Would You Recommend It To A Friend? Definitely Yes

-Steve, A Hardware Sales Employee