Construction Calculators designed for builders, contractors, engineers, framers, and carpenters

Calculated Industries is a leading manufacturer of specialty construction calculators, industrial products, real estate and mortgage products, specialty products, measuring and estimating products, home and hobby products, and math calculation software. Over the years Calculated Industries has won numerous awards for its outstanding quality and performance and each calculator is known for its fast, accurate, and reliable technology. Calculated Industries construction cost calculators are designed for builders, contractors, engineers, framers, and carpenters.

Calculated Industries is currently offering a limited time special combo pack called the 4065-P2G-AG. It is designed for construction building professionals for fast reliable calculations on the job site. Included in this combo set is the Construction Master Pro 4065 Calculator, Construction LT Calculator 8501 and an armadillo protective green/black case.

The Construction Master Pro can be used for completing plans, layouts, bids, and quickly estimating for future construction projects. Buying a Construction Pro 4065 Calculated Industries calculator has been found to save time, and reduce construction material costs. Use the Construction Master Pro 4065 for quickly calculating areas and volumes. Easily figure out roof, rafter, and framing solutions. Complete in-depth stair layouts, built-in right angle functions, and have circular calculations such as arcs, circumference, and segments for an all in one construction math calculator.

Also included in the 4065-P2G-AG combo pack is the Construction Master LT 8501 the small and compact Feet-Inch-Fraction Calculator is designed for fitting in a back pocket and can be used for quickly converting yards, feet, inches, fractions, and meters. This makes it the perfect math calculator for quickly and accurately estimating material costs for keeping overhead low for all future construction and jobsite projects.

The Armadillo protective hard calculator case is constructed from a sturdy and molded rubber and has a built in ABS plastic door. The hard consumer case is designed for protecting a Calculated Industries math calculator from accidental drops on the construction site and protects the calculator from daily wear and tear. The Armadillo calculator case can be used with Calculated Industries models 3295, 3405, 3410, 3415, 3420, 3440, 4020, 4040, 4060, 4065, 4075, 4080, and 4090.

All Calculated Industries calculators and accessories are covered by a one year limited warranty against defects in materials in workmanship.