One-Piece Steel Wood Splitting Estwing Tool

Estwing Fireside Friend Splitter

Wood Splitting tool Made in the USA

This versatile Fireside Friend splitting tool from Estwing is not only designed in the USA, it is also made in the USA. The Fireside Friend by Estwing is constructed with an exclusive Estwing nylon vinyl shock reduction grip. The shock reduction grip provides users with reduced vibrations caused by splitting green wood and other hard impacts. The hand tool grip provides increased hand comfort and tool durability for the toughest wood splitting applications. Just recently Estwing has announced that all new Estwing hand tools with nylon vinyl grips will now include the shock reduction grip.

The Estwing E3-FF4 splitting tool has an overall length of 14-inches (356 mm) and a 2-3/8-inch (or 60 mm) cutting edge and has improved leverage and power for easy wood splitting. The solid steel axe is forged in one piece and has a blue UV coating. The double tempered head gives additional strength and is designed for reducing shock up to 70-percent. Like the name says, the 'Fireside Friend' is made entirely for splitting wood for a camp fire, wood stove, or backyard fire pit.

The Estwing E3-FF4 Fireside Friend wood splitter tool quickly reduces firewood to usable wood burning pieces when used with a chopping block or an old angled tree stump in the backyard, but make sure to wear safety goggles for protecting eyes from annoying debris and wood dust. After an in depth Estwing Fireside Friend review the tool was found to be small and compact enough to be used in the sitting position and is categorized as a maul with a hatchet handle.

The size of the Estwing wood splitting tool is ideal for hiking, backpacking, or campground tent camping and can be used for hammering tent stakes in the ground or cutting thicker logs for firewood. The head of the splitting tool weighs in at 4 pounds and can be simply dropped on the wood material as opposed to swinging the splitting tool above the camper's head, which would create an unsafe environment while camping when doing the latter.