"Gecko Gauge Hardi Board Siding Gauges By PacTool (Review)"

Gecko Gauge by PacTool

  The PacTool Gecko Gauge works in tandem to provide the needed support to make siding a one person project. With the siding gauges from Pac Tool, siding is made simple. One simply adjusts the gecko gauge to the needed overhang; mounts the pair of gauges to the bottom edge of your uppermost hardi-board siding; and nails. There's no need to stop short to remove the gecko gauge before the board is mounted and you can manage this with one worker per set. The rounded edges and hard plastic frame are designed to decrease the likelihood of marring your pre-finished siding and the rubber locking grip pinches the board against a hard metal back without scratching or bruising the siding (see the SA903 Gecko Gauge in action.) This product is recommended for the Do-it-Yourselfer and the professional alike.


Item: SA903 Gecko Gauge Hardi Board Siding Gauges By PacTool

Manufacturer: PacTool

Rating: 5-Stars

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-Jessica, A Hardware Sales CSR