"Why buy a green beam laser rather than a red beam laser?"

The advantages of green over a red beam laser.

Green Beam Laser Level vs. Red Beam Laser Level

When circumstances call for a laser that will perform in high light conditions or doing a large Interior job requires the laser to perform over a long distance; a green beam is the right choice. Because the green laser is a different class of laser, it requires more power to make it operate. This results in shorter operation time than a red laser. Never the less, this rarely sways an operator from the decision to purchase a green beam laser. A green laser has several advantages over a red laser. First of all, green is closer to the center of the visible spectrum, so it's easier for our eyes to see it. Since it has more energy, it can travel farther. A green laser looks as much as 50 times brighter than the red equivalent.

Manufacturer: Pacific Laser Systems

-Tom, A PLS Representative