"Adjustable Impulse Tripod Garden Sprinkler by Tahoe"

The Impulse Adjustable Tripod Garden Sprinkler by Tahoe

Pros: I have owned this specific sprinkler for about 4 years. I bought a second one about a year ago so that I could run two at a time. We currently have about 7000 square feet of vegetable garden and I use these two sprinklers to water everything except the tomatoes. The sprinkler has an 80 Foot diameter and a complete circular range, which is huge for a rotating sprinkler. The head can be set to spray from 0 to 360 degrees. The base is lightweight and collapsible, which is convenient for winter storage. When fully expanded as a tripod, the sprinkler head sits about 3' from the ground. This is great for spraying overtop late summer plants that tend to be taller. Even though it is light, the tripod style stand makes it very stable except in extremely high winds. The sprinkler has three ways to control the spray height and angle, which makes it very versatile.

Cons: The rotating sprinkler head has two springs that can get out of alignment during shipping and winter storage. This is an issue that I have had with other sprinklers of this style, and once you get used to adjusting it, it is no longer an issue. Specifically, the larger spring that coils around the cylinder has two guides at the top and bottom. Both guides are designed to have one spring coil only. A lot of times this coil pops out of the guide, or two coils end up in the guide. All you need to do is add or remove the spring coils until there in one full coil all the way around the head, on both the top and bottom portions. It is very easy to do once you figure it out. If you have this issue, you can give us a call and we should be able to troubleshoot it for you.

The only other issue I have had is during very windy days. If the wind is stronger than the water pressure that is rotating the sprinkler head, it may temporarily stop the sprinkler in place. We live in a very windy area of our county, and have only had this issue come up a couple times.

Overall: Great sprinkler, especially for the price.

Item: 50200550

Manufacturer: Tahoe

Rating: 4-Stars

Would You Recommend It To A Friend? Definitely Yes

-Jacob, A Hardware Sales CSR