Safely Eliminate Moles, Gophers, Rats, Snakes, and Squirrels

Molecat Pest Control=

Avoid dangerous poisons and expensive traps with the Molecat.

The safe and chemical-free Molecat device is a powder actuated yard tool used for effectively killing burrowing garden moles, gophers, rats, shrews, snakes, and squirrels with a safe and quick percussive blast from a blank cartridge. With no poisons and other deadly chemicals the Molecat device can be installed in an organic garden, flower bed, lawn, or field. Just simply place the tool into a pest exit hole and make sure the hole is large enough for allowing airflow into the tunnel as well as placement of the 1-3/4-inch diameter Molecat killing device in the included scent free bag for keeping the device clean. The tool is specially designed to send a loud shockwave of hot pressure and noise instantly killing the yard mole humanely underground and away from pets, kids, and other wild animals.

The Molecat device is designed for blank cartridges similarly found in a Remington powder actuated concrete nailer. The firing barrel can only hold .27 caliber cartridges and is classified by the ATF as a powder actuated device and will blast the pest 2 to 4 feet back into the hole for a hassle free clean-up. The built in red reset indicator on the device will appear under the knob acknowledging to the homeowner or farmer the device has been successfully fired. For added precaution put a bucket over the device for protecting against animals and preventing a mis-fire.

For additional safety the Professional grade Molecat trap is built with 2 safeties and will not fire unless the knob sets the hammer for firing on the fire position. This kit comes with a Molecat device, blank extermination cartridges, ten scent free bags, a cartridge punch, an anchor, and instructions. Refills of the Molecart cartridges are sold at The Molecat can be used within city limits and is constructed of non-degradable plastic, stainless steel, and carbon steel. The device will provide a homeowner, gardener, and landscaper years of affordable service compared to expensive traps and dangerous animal poisons found in other local hardware stores. The Molecat is made in the USA.