Retractable Screen Door for In-Swing or Out-Swing Entry Way Doors.

The Phantom Sureview screen door offers style and practicality in one simple door. The screen door has a slim design so that it can fit in most standard door frames and the retractable screen means it’s only there when you need it. While it is not meant to create a barrier or contain children or animals, it does offer protection from insects with the advantage of full ventilation. And best of all, you won’t need to hold it open to bring in armloads of groceries, children, or furniture. Keep it retracted when you don’t need it, pull it out when you do.

The door uses a ‘one-touch-latch’ to keep the screen over the doorway and a set of tracks to stabilize the door as it opens and closes. The slim screen reel sits to one side, typically on the same side as your hinges, just inside your door frame and sill. This door is only meant to be used with in or out swinging doors and is not suitable for sliding doors or double door entries. To choose the correct screen for your door, please review the diagram provided. You will need to stand in front of the door so that the door swings away from you. Locate the hinges. If the hinges are to your right, you will need a right hand door so that the door will retract to the right hand side, and vice versa.

The Phantom Sureview retractable screen door is perfect for use with decorative exterior doors, allowing you to showcase the door without losing the usefulness of a screen door. The door can be installed in a frame that is 81 ¼” tall by 36” wide or can be cut down to size to fit a door as small as 60” tall by 22” wide. The easy to follow instructions show you how to measure and cut the door to fit your situation, allowing you the versatility to install the door where you need it. Available in right or left handed white or almond finishes.

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