"Self-Level Cross Line Laser Information"

A PLS Self Level Cross Line Laser

Pacific Laser Systems has several options for a self-leveling cross line laser. The options for a self level cross line laser are the PLS2, the PLS180, the PLS4, and the PLSHVL100. These lasers all can give the user a horizontal line, a vertical line, both horizontal and vertical lines together, and with models PLS2, PLS180, and PLS4, the self leveling feature can be electronically by-passed and locked so that a slope can be achieved with these models. All of these models are self-leveling so when the laser is placed on a flat surface and turned on it will fire up.
The self-leveling range is 6 degrees, so if the laser is tipped beyond this angle it will shut off and the on indicator light will turn from green to red. Once the laser is returned back to its self-leveling range the on indicator light will turn back to green and the laser will fire back up. Some lasers are not self-leveling and rely on a sprit bubble much like you would find on a carpenter’s box type level to level the laser. The problem with this type is that they are not very accurate as they are only as accurate as the vial bubble, and two, they will not shut off when the laser it tipped. This can be dangerous to the user as the laser might have been thrown out of level due to being bumped or from vibration on the job site.

Manufacturer: Pacific Laser Systems

-Tom, A PLS Representative