3rd Hand Family of Products by FastCap


FastCap 3rd Hand Family of Products Listen to FastCap founder, Paul Akers, talk about the 3rd Hand family of products.

Transcript: "Hi, I'm Paul Akers and welcome to the 3rd-Hand family of products. This is one of our best selling products at FastCap. Why? Because it does so many great things, like support your cabinets, hold up your crown molding, act as a load jack in the back of your truck, or making a dust barrier. It's endless what you can do with this thing. Now, the 3rd-Hand comes in three different sizes. We have a Little hand which is sixteen to twenty two inches. We have the 3rd-Hand Upper Hand which is twenty-eight to sixty, and we have the 3rd-Hand, our most popular unit, from fifty-seven to one hundred forty-four inches high. If you need to go higher, no problem. We have a 3rd-Hand connection kit which allows you to put two 3rd-Hands end to end and go all the way up to twenty four feet. We recommend though not to go higher than eighteen-feet to make a duster barrier. The 3rd-Hand also comes in a system, and what that means you get two units with the ballistic nylon carrying bag, and that system works with both the Little Hand: where you get two units in the bag, the Upper Hand: two units in the bag, or the Third-Hand: two units and a ballistic nylon carrying bag. We have an additional contractor pack which gives you four of the 3rd-Hands and the ballistic nylon carrying bag which holds all your accessories. That's the Third-Hand family of products, and it will save you time and money."