"Handy Raintight Temporary Power Box"

The CEP 6506-GU temporary power box sets up easily; is sturdy, and fairly portable. While the tough frame may make it a little heavy, it makes up for it with its sturdy attributes, its safe height, and its weather resistance. The wide metal sheet top allows the temporary power box to resist rain interference and the spring closed, foam sealed outlet covers keep dirt and debris from entering the outlet. The spider box has 6, 20 amp 125 volt outlets which use the standard positive-neutral-ground GFCI straight prong outlet format. Each 20v outlet has a power indicator light along with testing switches to verify your system, and each outlet has an individual fuse switch on the breaker board, which is protected by a hinged metal cover. The Construction Electrical Products 6506-GU temporary power distribution box is perfect for the site that doesn't have an electrical system in place, or needs a replacement distribution system to compensate during renovations.


Item: CEP 6506-GU Temporary Power Distribution Spider GFI Box

Manufacturer: CEP

Rating: 5-Stars

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-Jessica, A Hardware Sales CSR