The Honda Black RED Friday Event

Honda Red Friday Event

See Honda Red and Save Some Green!

Get up to $100 off Honda Generators, Nov. 15-Dec. 2, 2013!

This Honda Generator Special is over.

$50 Instant Rebate on all Honda Generators 3000 watts or less and $100 on all 4000 watts or more. For more information on how to save on Honda Power Equipment Click here.

Honda Power Equipment 'Very Smart'

It is time to adequately prepare and be ready for the 2013 winter storm season. A Honda generator is the perfect gift for family members or friends in the Midwest or Northeastern states who experience frequent power outages due to collapsed trees, high winds and large amounts of heavy wet snowfall. Don't be stuck in the harsh winter cold subject to frozen water pipes in your household or hypothermia. Be ready with suffiecient emergency supplies and a Honda gas generator when the next North American Ice Storm of 1998 arrives.The portable Honda Power Equipment gas generators are made entirely for providing temporary power during an emergency weather storms, camping trips, tailgates or providing electricity to certain corded power tools on a construction site with no power hook ups. The (4) 120-Volt gas power generators included in this Honda Red Friday Event are lightweight, super quiet and range from 2000 Watts to an impressive 3000 Watts. Each Honda EU 2000 series generator is portable, fuel efficient and will run up to 10 hours on 1 gallon of gas, and the Honda EU 3000 industrial series will run up to 20 hours on 3.4 gallons of gas.

EU1000i - 1000 Watt 120V Super Quiet Portable Gas Generator
EU2000i - 2000 Watt Super Quiet Portable Gas Generator
EU2000i Companion - 2000W Super Quiet Portable Gas Generator
EU3000is - 3000W 120V Home Gas Portable Generator
EU3000i Handi -3000W 120V Inverter Gas Generator
EB3000C -3000W 120V Industrial Gas Generator