Power Up With Specialized Electrician Equipment for Do-It Yourself Projects

Are you in need of professional quality electrician supplies for an upcoming residential or commercial electrical job?

Hardware Sales based in Northwest Washington offers an assortment of various interior and exterior home improvement tools for an electrician including heavy-duty electrical industrial spider boxes where permanent power is not readily available, flexible extension cords, male and female locking connector plugs, retractable power cord reels, electrician pliers, and voltage test meters for checking dangerous live hot wires on the job site. Welcome to our selection of electrical supplies! With the electrical supplies available here we can help you to rewire your motor home, set up for a concert on the green, or make your cords easier to store and access. We offer temporary power distribution boxes and 50 amp power cords to supply power to your music venue, outdoor gathering, construction site, and more. The distribution boxes use the 50 amp cords to bring 50 amps of 220v to your site and distribute it into multiple 120v 30 amp and 20 amp outlets for general usage. Our cord reels are preloaded with retractable extension cords to offer you a safe way to manage and secure your extension cord out of the way. The voltage and lighting testers can allow you to diagnose your electrical issue for a more efficient fix. Do you need to fix or install an outlet to your RV? Our selection of Marinco RV outlets is a great place to start. Finish off your electrical connections with our wire terminals.

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