The Work Sharp Benchtop angle set knife sharpener is a complete, versatile and adjustable knife sharpener. The tri-abrasive rods provide three abrasives to allow you to repair a damaged edge with the coarse grit diamond, restore a lightly dulled edge with medium grit diamond, then finish The edge on fine grit ceramic to create an incredibly keen edge. Rods rotate for Quick indexing between grits making it fast and easy. Sharpening angles can be set to 15-Degree, 17. 5-Degree, 20-Degree, 22. 5-Degree or 25-Degree so you can sharpen every knife you own. Tapered ceramic rod allows you to re-sharpen Serrations and other fine edge tools. Conveniently folds down and stows in a compact case. Designed with KNIFE making legend Ken Onion, this sharpener is a must have for any edge enthusiast.

More Information

More Information
Manufacturer Work Sharp
Condition New
feature 1 Tri-abrasive rods: three abrasive grits provides a complete sharpening solution with quick-rotation- medium and fine grit diamond Plus extra fine Ceramic
feature 2 Tapered ceramic honing rod - hones and re-sharpener serrations of all sizes, both EDC and kitchen knives. Fine grit ceramic quickly restores a sharp edge.
feature 3 5 sharpening angles: 15-Degree, 17. 5-Degree, 20-Degree, 22. 5-Degree, 25-Degree. quickly change between angles to sharpen kitchen knives, edh's, outdoor knives, and serrated.
feature 4 Ken Onion collaboration - Ken is a knife making legend and professional knife maker and a Work Sharp Partner for professional level sharpening products.
feature 5 STORAGE CASE - Stows easily in your gear bag or on your benchtop. Keeps all your sharpening equipment organized. Lids are removable and can be used as a handguard.
include 1 (1) Sharpener
include 2 (1) Coarse Diamond
include 3 (1) Find Diamond
specifications 1 SHARPENING ANGLES: 15-Degree, 17.5-Degree, 20-Degree, 22.5-Degree, 25-Degree
specifications 2 INCLUDED ABRASIVES: Coarse Diamond, Fine Diamond
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