The KIK Bit series is a uniqure line of drills with a KIK point design. Superior drilling in Wood, Drywall, Plastic, Copper, Sheet Metal and Aluminum. Clean, chip free edges. Fast Chip removal, Burr Fee, Less Heat, Less tool torque, No drill sticking, No Melting in plastics. No Walking or skipping on smooth surfaces. The occasional buried nail can be bored through. We do not recommend this as a general practice.

More Information

More Information
Country of Origin: CHINA
Manufacturer: TG Tools
Condition: New
retail price: $49.99


  • Superior drilling in Wood, Plastic, Drywall, Copper, Sheet Metal and Aluminum.
  • Clean, Chip free edges.
  • Fast Chip removal
  • Burr Free
  • Less Heat


  • 00625 9+2 KIK HS Drill Bit Brad Point Kit
  • 1/8-inch bit
  • 1/8-inch bit
  • 5/32-inch bit
  • 3/16-inch bit
  • 7/32-inch bit
  • 1/4-inch bit
  • 1/4-inch bit
  • 9/32-inch bit
  • 5/16-inch bit


  • Part Number: 625
  • Item Quantity: 11
  • Bits Included: 11
  • Condition: New


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