This Stiletto FB7G 7.5 inch Titanium Glaze Bar provides maximum utility with minimum weight. The 100 percent Titanium body is 45 percent lighter than steel. The cast arch and fulcrum points provide strength and maximum prying power. Multifunctional design minimizes the number of tools you have to carry. The bar pries finish nails, finish staples, small boards, and mouldings. The thin pry end is great for scraping, prying, or setting windows. Great for Stick Framers, Finish Carpenters, and Glazers.

More Information

More Information
Country of Origin CHINA
Manufacturer Stiletto
Condition New
feature 1 Long and thin end is ideal for setting windows and doors, scraping, and prying
feature 2 Ultra strong arch design for maximum durability
feature 3 100 percent Titanium design is 45 percent lighter than a steel bar of the same size
feature 4 Nail puller on the arch is offered only on the Stiletto flat bar
feature 5 Long and thinner pry ends are ideal for tough prying jobs
specifications 1 Length: 7-1/2 Inches
specifications 2 Bar Material: Titanium
specifications 3 Width: 1-1/2 Inches
specifications 4 Bar Weight: 0.25 Pounds
specifications 5 Nail Puller: Yes
retail price $99.99

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