FastCaps 3rd Hand support pole are an incredibly versatile tool. Depending on the accessories that you get for it you can use the same pole that held crown molding in place for you one day as a load jack in your pickup truck the next. Or that same 3rd Hand that held your laser level can be converted into a stool in less than 2 minutes. The only limitations the FastCap 3rd Hand poles have are the limits of your imagination. THis product can be used in many different workplace situations including garage door installation support, load stabilizer in a back of a truck, fastcap laser mount accessory, cabinet support, and installing molding on the next home improvement project.

More Information

More Information
Country of Origin CHINA
Manufacturer FastCap
Condition New
feature 1 Load stabilizer: mount the 3rd Hand HD in place horizontally to prevent material from shifting in transport
feature 2 Adjusts from 57-to-144-Inches
feature 3 Ball detents for positive locking
feature 4 Micro Adjust
feature 5 360-degree articulating top and bottom feet
include 1 (1) 3-HAND5HD 3rd Hand HD Support Pole
specifications 1 Part Number: 3-HAND5HD
specifications 2 Item Quantity: 1
specifications 3 Condition: New
specifications 4 Weight Limit: 150lbs
specifications 5 Adjustable Length: 57-to-144-inches
retail price $59.99


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