The End Nippers by FastCap have a flush cut 1-inch wide head. It can cut up to 3mm edge banding. It is great for cutting copper, brass, and fret wires on guitars. It is not recommended for cutting nails or stainless steel.

More Information

More Information
Country of Origin CHINA
Manufacturer FastCap
Condition New
feature 1 Can be used for cutting fret wires
feature 2 Up to 3mm edge banding and a variety of other applications
feature 3 Not recommended for cutting nails
feature 4 Great for soft metals like brass and copper
include 1 PLIERS-END NIP End Nip Trimmers
specifications 1 Part Number: PLIERS-ENDNIP
specifications 2 Length: 6-1/4in
specifications 3 Width: 1in
retail price $24.99


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