The Master Appliance UT-100SI-TC UltraTorch Heat Tool Kit features oxygen free, copper based soldering tips, thick iron and chrome plating for long life and high thermal conductivity. It is cordless and portable. The soldering temperature can go up as high as 932-degrees. It has a fuel viewing window and it holds enough fuel for two hours of operation.

More Information

More Information
Country of Origin JAPAN
Manufacturer Master Appliance
Condition New
feature 1 Butane powered for complete portability
feature 2 Multifunctional for versatility
feature 3 Adjustable control for temperatures up to 1202F
feature 4 Features Ultratip soldering tips with an oxygen-free copper base, ceramic catalyst and extra thick iron and chrome plating for longer tip life and higher thermal conductivity, perfect for today's lead-free solder
feature 5 Lighter in weight than competitive models, making it easy to hold and use over extended periods of time
include 1 UT-100Si Ultratorch
include 2 3 Ultratip soldering tips
include 3 hot air tip
include 4 heat shrink reflector
include 5 hot knife
include 6 wire cutter
include 7 needle nose pliers
include 8 coil of 60/40 solder
include 9 sponge
include 10 cap
specifications 1 Approx. Heat Tip Temp: 1202F (650C)
specifications 2 Approx. Solder Tip Temp: 482F to 932F (250C to 500C)
specifications 3 Equivalent to: 20 to 80 Watt Electric Iron
specifications 4 Approx. Operating Time: 120 min.
specifications 5 Fuel Tank Capacity: 1 fl. oz (28cc)
retail price $219.00


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