Used in conjunction with EMT (Electrical Metallic Tubing) the 3rd Hand EMT Kit is designed to reach up to 22-feet the EMT comes in 10-feet lengths and by utilizing EMT, you can fully customize the 3rd Hand capable of reaching over 22-feet. The EMT 3rd Hand fits on standard EMT tubing, reaches up to 22-feet and can create any size 3rd hand. Included with (1) 3-H Pump Jack Mechanism, (1) Micro Adjust Adapter, (2) Universal Feet - 6-inch x 6-inch, (2) 3-H Feet - 3-inch x 3-inch, (1) 3-H Magnetic Dust Barrier Foot, and (1) 24" Connector Pole.

More Information

More Information
Country of Origin China
Manufacturer FastCap
Condition New
feature 1 Fits on Standard EMT Tubing
feature 2 Designed to reach up to 22-feet
feature 3 Only be used as dust barrier system at extended lengths
feature 4 Not recommended as a load-bearing device
feature 5 The Original 3rd Hand System
include 1 (1) 3-H Pump Jack Mechanism
include 2 (1) Micro Adjust Adapter
include 3 (2) Universal Feet - 6-inch x 6-inch
include 4 (2) 3-H Feet - 3-inch x 3-inch
include 5 (1) 3-H Magnetic Dust Barrier Foot
include 6 (1) 24" Connector Pole
specifications 1 Part Number: 80805
specifications 2 Condition: New
retail price $49.99


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