Extra tall PushStick handle is tilted inward, away from blade or bit location. Operator's hand is automatically moved further from potential danger. The rear foot hooks over the back end of the material, providing a safer, more positive combination push-pull action. Bottom of the Stick is covered in a soft, high-traction polymer coating that prevents PushStick from slipping and avoids scratching and marring the surface of pieces being cut. High visibility yellow for easy identification in a busy shop.

More Information

More Information
Country of Origin China
Manufacturer Milescraft
Condition New
feature 1 Simple and effective design
feature 2 Tall, offset handle for extra safety
feature 3 TPE base for extra grip
feature 4 Rear hook for extra control
feature 5 Narrow profile for thin ripping
include 1 PushStick
specifications 1 Material: Plastic
retail price $14.99


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