The Swanson Tools Speed Square is an American, triangular-shaped, carpenters' layout out tool which combines some of the most common functions of a try square and framing square into one. It is used to make basic measurements and mark lines on dimensional lumber and may be used as a saw guide for making short 45 and 90 degree cuts. The Speed Square is 5 tools in 1. Try Square, Miter Square, Saw Guide, Line Scriber and Protractor. This kit comes with the S0101 7-inch and the T0108 Big 12-inch Speed Square. Includes 44-page Swanson Blue Book. Made in the USA.

More Information

More Information
Country of Origin USA This product is made In the United States of America!
Manufacturer Swanson
Condition New
feature 1 One and only speed square, invented by our founder in 1925, the speed square is constructed of durable heavy-gauge aluminum alloy
feature 2 Black gradations for easier readings, Includes markings for Swanson's one-number methodSM of rafter layout, look for the diamond
feature 3 Features a matte finish to prevent glare
feature 4 Our speed square is a unique tool, it's actually 5 tools in 1: a try square, a miter square, a protractor, a line scriber and a saw guide
feature 5 Big 12 is 7 tools in 1: a framing square, try square, miter square, protractor, saw guide, stair gauge and out-of-square corner angle finder, it's constructed of heavy-gauge aluminum alloy, It does not include the black gradations or the layout bar and ha
include 1 Includes Swanson's 'One-Number' method
include 2 Now with Full 90-degree Scale
include 3 Lists of length of rafter per foot runs
include 4 44 pages of detailed reference data
specifications 1 Number of Pieces: 2
specifications 2 Material: Aluminum
retail price $34.99


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