There's only 1 genuine speed square! the Swanson tool S0101 7-inch speed square is a popular pocket-sized square that incorporates features of the framing square, Tri, Miter, and protractor squares. Common rafter and hip/Valley rafter scales permit one-number References for all cuts. The square is Merely rotated to the proper Roof Pitch value on either scale to assure the correct angle cut. The slot along the scales will accommodate an adjustable locking pin for repetitive cuts using any 1/4-inch bolt and nut. In this unique value pack 2-Pack, you also receive the Swanson speedlite 8-inch square which offers the same basic features as the original speed square. The 8-inch speedlite square is formed from lightweight, high-impact structural composite (hips: high impact poly styrene) and comes in high-visibility orange. Just like the S0101 speed square it's paired with in this 2-Pack, the speedlite square is also great for use with Siding and other delicate materials, since it won't Mar soft finishes. Plus, its 8-inch size means it's ideal for marking cuts in 8-inch Siding. Look for our patented diamond cutout on both authentic Swanson squares!

More Information

More Information
Country of Origin USA This product is made In the United States of America!
Manufacturer Swanson
Condition New
feature 1 Both squares incorporate the features of six tools in one: framing square, tri square, Mitre square, line scriber, saw guide and protractor
feature 2 The speed square is constructed of a very rugged aluminum alloy with a matt finish that minimizes glare and reflection
feature 3 The speedlite speed square is made of hips (High-Impact poly styrene) in high-visibility Orange
feature 4 Both squares are clearly marked with gradations on both sides for easy reading
feature 5 Both squares include our patented diamond cutout for easy layout
include 1 (1) 7" Square
include 2 (1) 8" Square
specifications 1 Color: Silver/Orange
specifications 2 Material: Aluminum
specifications 3 Number of Pieces: 2
retail price $19.99


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