Folding Knives

SOG Folding Pocket Knives For Outdoor Camping & Hiking

Folding Pocket Knives By SOG

Hardware Sales has an expanded collection of SOG survival and tactical knives and multi-tool accessories needed for the ultimate adventurer, law enforcement officers, US military personnel, hunting expeditions, and the annual family camping trips.

Need a dependable well-constructed SOG specialty hand tool to tick off the wish list? We stock over 175 different military approved SOG products from Throwing Knives, Fixed Blade Knives, Survival Folding Knifes, Tactical Combat Folding Knifes, Multifunctioning-Tools, Machetes, Tactical Black Ops Tomahawk Axes, and LED Flashlights. Each SOG product is field proven, and designed with accurate precision for use with military, and the finest Navy SEAL special ops teams. SOG specialty tools and equipment are essential for any situation.

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