Corded Power Tools

Corded Tools Increase Power and Performance For Home Improvement Projects

If you are looking for an electric corded power tool, especially a 120-volt corded drill with increased power, higher performance, and longer running time compared to a new 18-volt cordless drill.

A power tool kit will be worth the initial investment, because almost all corded, and cordless tools will be able to hold up for any home remodeling, demolition, or construction project. On the other hand, a cordless power tool is dependable, lightweight, and can be used in practically any location in the world with ample electricity, but the shorten running time and constant charging of 12-volt, 18-volt and 20-volt batteries is the serious time waster as time is money. Being a construction contractor or lack of patience do-it-yourselfer you don’t have the ability or time to keep charging rechargeable batteries. Just plug a corded hammer drill, recip saw, circular saw, sander, router or any other power tool into a house wired with electricity or run a Honda Power Equipment gas generator on the construction site. Purchasing a power tool kit from DeWALT, Makita, Bosch, and Hitachi you will be able to start, continue and, finish the next big home improvement project.

Corded tools are a large part of the crafting and construction industry as they can use and provide more power, stability, and working time than their lighter weight cordless counterparts. Tools such as 1/2 inch drill drivers, 3/4 inch impact drivers, and 1 7/8 inch SDS plus rotary hammers can have an increased bit capacity and work through your long jobs. With manufacturers such as Bosch, DeWalt, Makita, and Metabo providing 2 inch to 9 inch grinders, polishers, fixed base and plunge base routers, oscillating sanders, and 68 lb Breaker hammers, our selection can offer you a variety of power, torque, capacity, and productivity to suit your needs. Powerhouse companies such as Mk Diamond, Jet, and Powermatic allow us to offer home and Machine shop quality drill presses, thickness planers, helical planers, plate joiners, table saws, and tile saws. Your model projects are covered with Proxxon Micromot planers and rotary tools or Dremel engravers and rotary tools giving you the power to sand, carve, cut, and polish your wood to great detail. Our corded heat tools by Master Appliance and Dremel allow the user to mold PVC, solder shrink wrap, heat soft metals, remove paint, or do wood burning art according to your attachment and tool. For the safety of your situation and longevity of your tools, we offer accessory tools such as Ericson construction string lights, Shop-Vac vacuums, Work Smart tool sharpeners, and Drill Doctor bit sharpeners.

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