This 7-32AWG 7.75-inch MultiStrip 10 Automatic Insulation Stripper by Knipex is made in Germany with reinforced fiberglass plastic housing. The interchangeable blades are made of oil hardened steel. It has a smooth operating mechanism with wire cutter for copper and aluminum wires. It

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More Information
Country of Origin GERMANY
Manufacturer Knipex
Condition New
feature 1 Made with pride in the Germany.
feature 2 The cutting edges at the steel restrain jaws (1) firmly restrain the insulated cable and avoid skidding. The stripping blades (2) cut to the correct depth and remove the insulation cleanly without any manual adjustment.
feature 3 Fully automated adjustment to the respective cross-section-depending insulation thicknesses in a range from 0.03 - 10.0 mm
feature 4 The so far common fine adjustment of the tool is no longer necessary due to the unique self-infeeding of the cutting depth preventing damage to the conductor
feature 5 The steel-made restrain jaws with integrated cutting edges very often also allow professional stripping of cables with demanding insulating materials like Teflon and Radox
include 1 Knipex 1242195 7-32AWG 7-3/4" MultiStrip 10, Automatic Insulation Stripper
specifications 1 Stripping capacities: .03-10 mm
specifications 2 AWG: 32 - 7
specifications 3 Length: 195 mm
specifications 4 Weight: 136 g
retail price $135.99


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