The FastCap 2P10 Kit comes with the entire 2P10 family of products. It has all 4 glues, the Jel, the Thick, the Medium, and the Thin. It also includes the Activator for quick repairs when time is not on your side. And when you make a mistake or a mess, use the 2P10 Adhesive Debonder. These glues are also able to be sanded when they are fully cured. This makes it the ultimate adhesive glue set for the professional woodworker. It all comes in one combo box so everything is there when you need it.

More Information

More Information
Country of Origin: USA This product is made In the USA!
Manufacturer: FastCap
Condition: New
retail price: $41.99


  • Complete starter kit in a hardshell case!
  • 10 second bonding
  • 30 seconds to cure
  • Fast, permanent bond
  • Works on most surfaces


  • Activator, 2 oz.
  • Debonder, 2 oz.
  • Thin, 2.25 oz.
  • Medium, 2.25 oz.
  • Thick, 2.25 oz.
  • Jel, 2.25 oz.
  • Case



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