Measure flat panel surfaces and around curved objects with the Old Standby FlatBack Tape Measure by FastCap. This 16-foot standard tape measure has increments as low as 1/16-inches and boasts features like a rugged case, a lever action belt clip, an erasable writing surface, and a built in pencil sharpener. You will notice that there is a little bit of play in regular tape measures, which is because they are made to either be pushed up or pulled against the material. The FlatBack is designed to only be pulled against the material so there is no play in the hook.

More Information

More Information
Country of Origin CHINA
Manufacturer FastCap
Condition New
feature 1 The PS features Standard measurements that are readable when the tape is extended from either the right or left hand.
feature 2 Compact casing
feature 3 Pencil Sharpener
feature 4 Heavy Duty Belt Clip
feature 5 Heavy Duty 1in Blade
include 1 PS-FLAT16 16-Feet Old Standby Standard Flatback Tape Measure
specifications 1 Part Number: PS-FLAT16
specifications 2 Quantity: 1
retail price $18.99


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