At first glance, the 6-foot Little Giant MicroBurst looks like a traditional A-frame stepladder, but there is nothing traditional about it. The MicroBursts unique pivoting top cap and patent-pending StableLock spreader system fundamentally change the standard stepladder model. As the top cap pivots, the MicroBursts rails fit neatly inside each other, creating a slim, 3_-inch storage and carrying profile. The MicroBurst stores in nearly half the space and is much more stable than a comparable type IA (300 lbs) stepladder.. The MicroBursts StableLock spreader system locks securely in place, creating a solid A-frame structure with no room for shifting or walking. On commodity A-frame stepladders, the spreader bars are the most important, yet weakest part of the ladder. On the Little Giant MicroBurst, the spreader system is the strongest part of the ladder, constructed of a high-strength steel alloy. Also, unlike most A-frame ladders, the MicroBursts patent-pending design makes room for a wide flare on both sides of the ladder, significantly increasing lateral stability. Its easier to carry, store, and set-up; and its stronger and safer than any other comparable A-frame ladder.

More Information

More Information
Country of Origin: CHINA
Manufacturer: Little Giant
Condition: New
retail price: $189.99


  • Store in nearly half the space of your traditional one-sided A-frame stepladder.
  • Enjoy the unmatched stability and strength of patent-pending StableLock spreader bars.
  • Hold both sides of the ladder or tuck it under your arm for the easiest carry in the industry.


  • Little Giant 15705 MicroBurst Step Ladder w/ StableLock Type 1A Model 6


  • Ladder Type: Step Ladder
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs (136.36 kg)
  • ANSI Duty Rating: Type IA
  • A-Frame Height : 6 ft (182.88 cm)
  • Storage Height : 6 ft 3 in (190.5 cm)


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