With a tungsten carbide, ceramic sharpening rods, serrated knife sharpener, and diamond tapered rod the Willumsen Urban Tactical Lansky BXKN222 Blademedic Knife Sharpener is designed to sharpen regular or serrated blades, gut hooks, hunting, fishing, and any other knife on the market. The sharpening kit features a diamond 600-grit and ceramic 1,000 grit side. The Included world legal slip-joint pocket knife is legal in up to 156 countries and features a 440c stainless 4 position pocket clip, 7-inch overall length with a nylon handle.

More Information

More Information
Country of Origin CHINA
Manufacturer Lansky
Condition New
feature 1 Tungsten Carbide for restoring a knife blade quicker
feature 2 Ceramic Sharpening Rods for polishing a finished edge
feature 3 Serrated Knife Sharpener for sharpening the smallest knife serrations
feature 4 Diamond Tapered Rod
feature 5 Diamond 600-Grit/Ceramic 1,000-Grit
include 1 WRLDPAC BladeMedic Tungsten Carbide Sharpener Kit
include 2 World Legal Slip-Joint Knife
specifications 1 Part Number: WRLDPAC
specifications 2 Condition: New
retail price $39.00


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