Looking for a trusted hammer for faster driving of larger nails with a limited lifetime warranty? The Estwing EB-19S 19-ounce smooth face straight claw framing hammer is a carpenters best friend on jobsite. The framing hammer features a long handle than other hammers on the market for more driving force for building house wood frames. The Ultra Series is the newest line of Estwing hammers and has an exclusive vinyl shock reduction grip on each hammer for more comfort hammering.

More Information

More Information
Country of Origin USA This product is made In the USA!
Manufacturer Estwing Mfg Co
video No
Condition New
retail price $59.99
include 1 EB-19S 19oz Ultra Forged Smooth Face Framing Hammer w/ Shock Grip
include 2 No
include 3 No
include 4 No
include 5 No
include 6 No
include 7 No
include 8 No
include 9 No
include 10 No
include 11 No
include 12 No
include 13 No
include 14 No
include 15 No
include 16 No
include 17 No
include 18 No
include 19 No
include 20 No
feature 1 This product has been designed and made in the USA
feature 2 Forged in one-piece
feature 3 Magnetic Nail Starter
feature 4 Side Nail Puller
feature 5 Shock Reduction Grip
feature 6 19 Ounces
feature 7 Balanced hammer design for better comfort and control
feature 8 Grip will never come off of handle
feature 9 Lifetime Limited Warranty
feature 10 Efficiently pull nails with hammer
feature 11 No Welds
feature 12 No
feature 13 No
feature 14 No
feature 15 No
specifications 1 Part Number: EB-19S
specifications 2 Item Quantity: 1
specifications 3 Condition: New
specifications 4 Ounces: 19 Ounces
specifications 5 Grip: Shock Reduction Grip
specifications 6 Face: Smooth Face
specifications 7 Overall Length: 15.375-inches
specifications 8 No
specifications 9 No
specifications 10 No
specifications 11 No
specifications 12 No
specifications 13 No
specifications 14 No
specifications 15 No
specifications 16 No
specifications 17 No
specifications 18 No
specifications 19 No
specifications 20 No
Size No
fed-ex economy europe base No
fed-ex priority au/nz/isreal add No
fed-ex priority au nz israel add No
fed-ex economy au nz isreal add No
fed-ex economy au/nz/isreal add No
fed-ex economy au/nz/isreal base No
fed-ex priority au/nz/isreal base No
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