2P-10 Woodworking Glue Another Line of FastCap Innovative Products

2P-10 Adhesive Glues and Debonders By FastCap

Glue that is so strong it is easier to split the wood grain instead of breaking the adhesive bond that is made with FastCap's 2P-10 Glue.

Welcome to the world of the 2P10 adhesive, created by FastCap to offer a wide range of sizes and consistencies for their super glues and glue debonders. This Fastcap product line includes glue and glue gels in thin glue, medium glue, thick glue, and Gel adhesives and can offer glues for wood, foam, and many other surfaces. Thin glues are great for hobby crafts such as model making and repairs and for the small parts that need a thin bond. The Medium and Thick glues have thicker consistencies leading up to the jel adhesive for the project requires less run or absorbency. Use the medium and thick glues for household projects and the Jel adhesive for large bonds and to fill knots and cracks in your wood. For the bond that needs to set fast, Fastcap also offers the 2P-10 Activator Aerosol, a product that can decrease the time it takes for your glue bond to set down to a 10 seconds set time, creating a super bond in very little time. The cure time becomes 30 seconds and then it’s done. Look for 2P-10 starter kits and 2 oz bottles for the fast repairs or Aerosols activators and 10 oz bottles for the big projects. When the house project doesn’t go as planned or mistakes are made, FastCap 2P-10 also offers the 2P-10 debonder to help remove wood glue and other adhesives bonds. FastCap also recognizes that not everything can go as planned by offering replacement micro tips incase the original is lost or becomes sealed. Sold separately the tips are sure to complete your woodworking glue needs.

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